Tesla's Back-To-Office Policy


According to CNBC, which cites unnamed Tesla employees in the US and internal documents, things are not looking good

Tesla still lacks the room or resources to bring all its employees back to the office, and the fact that employees cannot work remotely as much as they used to has caused a decline in morale

several people who work at Tesla's San Francisco Bay Area offices said the company wanted to bring its employees to the office for three days a week

but a shortage of desk space, chairs, parking spots and other resources proved too much.

Tesla found a workaround by setting staggered in-office schedules back to two days per week.

Tesla does have a problem with absenteeism: about one-eighth of employees were out on a typical day in Fremont, California, in early September

Across the entire company, the presence was slightly better, with about one in ten employees being absent on a typical work day.