Interesting facts about Balmoral Castle

Unlike official residences, the castle was purchased for personal use by Prince Albert. This means that income from the property does not go to the treasury.

The estate is actually used for the production of wood, with almost 3,000 acres (1,200 hectares) dedicated for the forestry that needs. This activity yields nearly 10,000 tonnes of wood per year.

Prince Albert and Queen Victoria arrived here for their first visit on 8 September 1848. The sale of the Balmoral estate was completed in June 1852. The price was £32,000

The British royal family began to visit Aberdeenshire regularly from 1852. Queen Elizabeth II loved the Balmoral estate. During her late life, she spent three months in Balmoral every year, coming here in August

Ballochbuie Forest, one of the largest remaining areas of old Caledonian pine growth in Scotland, is a part of the Balmoral estate

The inhabitants of the castle wake up to the sounds of the legendary Scottish bagpipes. At this time, folk songs are heard, and an impromptu stage is an area under the windows of the queen’s room.

The gardens and dance hall are open to the public from April to the end of July. In the hall, for example, exhibitions of paintings, royal clothes, silverware, and porcelain are displayed.